2014 World cup soccer ball sizes

World Cup 2014 is in sight, and all parties have prepared a variety of purposes to welcome world cup success which will be held in Brazil. And one of the most busy preparing purposes is fifa world cup. As the highest authority of world football. FIFA perform various checks readiness preparations from Brazil as the host country, supervising the construction of stadiums and infrastructure to support world cup and no less important is the selection of the official ball to be used in world cup 2014.

brazucaElection official ball to be used in the next world cup related to the quality, materials, naming, and a soccer ball sizes. this is done to get the best ball, so he can later be used in most major competitions like the World Cup for the naming of the official ball of the FIFA World Cup 2014 are already having voting aimed at football fans to get the best name. This is the first time FIFA to vote against the name of the ball that will be used at the World Cup, after FIFA determines its own name.

Three names are nominated in the voting official name of the World Cup ball is Brazuca, bossanova, and carnavalesca. After the voting was held for approximately three weeks, and a vote of more than one million football fans in brazil, then elected Brazuca name soccer ball. Beat two other nominees name with the percentage of 77.8%, while bossanova only won sound 14.6% of the vote last carnavalesca by 7.6%. Brazuca will be developed in accordance with the material and sizes a soccer ball set.

Brazuca name has meaning pride, emotions, and intentions of the brazil peoples . Besides the name brazucca also often pinned to the people who bring the good name brazil in the world. Including brazil football players who take part in various clubs world. Before its official use, brazucca ball will be tested first in the World Club Cup and Confederation Cup in order to get a good ball with a standard ball size used football players generally. The creation of a good ball with soccer ball sizes and materials that have been tested for large events deemed important, so Brazuca not reap much protest from players like that hit Jabulani at the 2010 World Cup last.