Football World Cup Betting

The world’s largest sporting event after the Olympics, the Football World Cup is round the corner. As the time draws near and the teams get ready to clash, the betting community around the world fastens its seatbelts for a large round of spectacular events. Betting has been an integral part of the soccer world cup since the time it started. Not only does it add spice to the game and fill it with passion, it increases the money circulation around the world because of the event and is hence also a boost to the global economy.

The Soccer World Cup

The football world cup is a massive event with more than two hundred teams from all around the world participating for one trophy. Most of the teams get disqualified in the leagues, though, and it is usually up to the final 32 teams to fight till the end for the much coveted world cup trophy. The road is long and turbulent, and there are thousands of football World Cup betting opportunities at every level for the punters out there. So gather your cash, it’s going to be one hell of a ride.

About Traditional Betting

Betting has changed drastically over the years. Back in the day, there used to be only a single mode for betting on world cup 2014. The mode was that a punter was required to bet on a certain predicted winner of the game. Predicting the winner is no easy business and requires in depth knowledge of how the game is played, the team formation of each of the participating teams, how the results have turned up in the past, the performance of the individual teams in the recent past and the performance of individual players in the team. It took a lot of research and understanding to take part in such betting.

The New Era of Bets

Various However, with the passage of time and the advent of the internet, today Betting on World Cup is controlled by and large by the world cup 2014 online betting websites. There are several of these websites you can come across on the internet and they offer you with various opportunities to bet and win. You can now not only bet on the outcome of the game, but also on various aspects of the game such as the number of goals scored, how many goals the winning team wins by, and even negations of bets such as a certain number of goals that you bet the winning team will not score.

Going on, you can bet on the number of free and penalty kicks that a certain team will concede, the number of fouls, the number of off sides, the number of red and/or yellow cards, and so on.

Most people who betting on world cup 2014 end up risking the money they put on stake because they lack proper knowledge of the game and do not do enough research into the 2014 world cup winner odds of their bets actually happening. It takes a more than intuition to gamble.